Client Reviews:

“I am so grateful that Pentaxx Guy was there to capture one of the biggest moments of my life becoming a homeowner just the emotion he was able to capture was exact the peace I felt at that moment was so real we’ve done other photo shoots together and they were all amazing his direction,patience and creativity is what makes him a outstanding photographer and I’m so honored to have had the pleasure to work with him !!! Many more photo shoots to come !!!”

“I’ve had several business shoots with Pentaxx Guy and he has been such an exceptional photographer with me and my staff ! I also had a birthday shoot and it was a 🔥 vibeeeeee he had us laughing and feeling at ease the whole time ! Definitely check him out !”

“The professionalism is Real. He’s work ethic is Amazing! He definitely brought my dreams to reality! Hands down the best I EVER seen. My photographer for LIFE 🤞🏾💜💯”

“This Guy is Definitely An Experience. His professionalism stands out. His creativeness is my favorite. I loved the vibe and also how comfortable he made the shoot. Easy communication and overall just knows what he is doing. Highly recommended and I look fwd to him capturing plenty more memories for me ‼️‼️🫶🏽.”

“My Guy!! Definitely a vibe and an experience. His work speaks for itself as you can see 🤌🏽😁. Amazing person amazing photographer. Amazing service every time.”

“Our photos haven’t even hit the table yet and Pentaxx Guy gets ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ from me. His portraits speak highly of him. From me just being an admirer of his work to reaching out to reserve a spot, the interaction has been TOP TIER. Thanks for Everything!!”

“This really my photographer but I share from time to time. He’s a real vibe and he brings the vibes. He gives direction and ideas! He’s so creative… this my boyyy !”

“I am incredibly pleased with the outcome of the photos from my family photo shoot to my birthday photo shoot. They were exactly what I envisioned. Natural photos that are of a very high quality. He has an eye for photography. Pentaxx was great at making the whole experience feel comfortable and relaxing. 10/10 would thoroughly recommend .”